Choose Life

You get to choose the reality you want to live in today: the anxiety of your circumstances, the insecurity of other people, or, in the peace Jesus has won for you.

Challenge any self-talk that produces hopelessness, worthlessness, or anxiety. Displace what’s been overwhelming your mind by focusing on what’s overflowing your heart: you are completely loved, totally resourced, and fully empowered by God to thrive, regardless of your circumstances.

Start by taking a moment for just you and him. Even if some things are painful and unresolved right now, thanking him for all the kind and good things in your life. Gratitude opens your heart to hear him speak life into you, life that overwhelms worry with peace, frustration with grace, and fear with joy.

“From now on, stop seeing everything and everyone merely from a human point of view. There was a time we even understood Christ from that limited perspective, but now we know him so differently. Anyone who is in Christ has become a completely new person—the old life is gone, and a new life has begun” (2 Corinthians 5:16-17).

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