Good Day

I wrote yesterday about agreeing with what God is saying about you, but it can’t hurt to say it again.

Long before the sun came up (‘cause I’m old and I get up early), I asked God if today will be a good one. He answered my heart, “I am good, and I’m always with you.”

Sometimes, circumstances can get so hard you forget one of the most fundamental parts of your life in Jesus: because he’s always with you, you never have to wait for positive things to happen—you bring the good with you.

You may know the verse from Jeremiah, “For I know the thoughts I have toward you—not of pain, but of peace and wholeness, to give you hope and a future” (29:11). But have you taken time to listen to those amazing thoughts?

You hear negative things all day long, even in your own head. Just don’t stay there. Spend time with Jesus, allowing him to renew the way you think about yourself, your circumstances, and the world. The next promise in that chapter is, “When you call on me, I will listen. If you seek me with your whole heart, you will find me, and I will set you free.”

Agree with what God is saying about you, and speak those encouraging words to yourself. Instead of giving yourself reasons you can’t, give yourself reasons you can. Instead of agreeing with lies and judgments from others about you, speak life into who God says you really are. That’s how you’ll make this a good day.

“I would have lost my heart, if I didn’t believe I would see the goodness of the Lord here, in the land of the living” (Psalm 27:13).

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