Living in Love

I think most of the enemy’s resources are spent on getting us to think and act outside God’s love—living in fear, pain, resentment, and self-pity. But I also believe we can bankrupt the enemy by choosing love as our response to each situation that tempts us to agree with something less.

Make yourself too costly to attack by making love your filter, processor, and first responder. Rather than you getting worn down, every choice to live in God’s love will exhaust, frighten, and depress the enemy.

Start, or restart, this day by remembering how much you’re loved. Beyond all expectations and obligations on you, you are loved. Past all your failures and faults, you are loved. Surpassing every negative thing spoken against you, and every dark thought in your head, you are loved. And know that if you’re in his love, then so are all your relationships and circumstances. God’s got you, so he’s got them.

“None of this fazes us, because Jesus loves us” (Romans 8:37, MSG).

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