Infinite Love

I wrote this for myself during a difficult chemo side effects day in November of 2013. Last year I posted it to encourage my parents who were suffering terribly. This year it’s to honor the love they each left behind, and to celebrate the infinite love they live in:

“There have been times life has felt so overwhelming, I could barely move or even breathe. This is one of them. Beyond theology, reason, and my ability to change anything, the only thing I’ve been able to say to God was, ‘All I know is that I love you.’

And every time I’ve said it, I’ve had a greater revelation of his love for me—an unreserved, unceasing, transformative love that heals my heart, renews my mind, and is my source of strength.

No matter what’s happening to me or around me, I have to remember I’m never unloved. God’s love empowers me to love him back, and worship him until fear and pain no longer control how I think and feel. 

‘His love drives out all fear . . . we’re able to love one another because he has first loved us’ (1 John 4:18-19).”

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