Stop and Go

Stop for a moment. Stop scrolling, stop stressing, stop overthinking. Take a deep breath. Take a step back and see what fears, offenses, and self-defeating thoughts have been growing in you. Give those thoughts to Jesus, like they’re a bag of bricks you’ve been carrying on your back.

Let his voice be the next one you focus on. Dwell on all you’re thankful for, and all he’s been for you, until you can hear him speak love, grace, and joy to your heart, and peace, wisdom, and confidence to your mind.

Your circumstances are no longer in charge of how you feel, or what you do next. You are. You are God’s child, fully aware of your Father’s love for you, and for everyone around you. From his presence, regardless of what you’re dealing with, you’re empowered to bring his grace, goodness, kindness, healing, strength, and so much more into it.

Take another breath. You’ve got this, because he’s got you.

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