Redeem the Time

During the cancer days, I was sitting at the medical center, getting overwhelmed by how fast time seemed to have passed by, and how little of it I might have left. 

I felt the Lord speak to my heart, “Do you see the days of your life as running out, or as being fulfilled?” Immediately the verse from Ephesians 5:16 came to mind: “Redeem the time, because the days are evil.”

I’d always read that as a stern warning to never stop working, but it suddenly became clear it was a joyful invitation to live each day fully and with purpose.

Despite what the mirror might say in the morning, or that popcorn sound your joints make when you stand up, time is your friend. Accept its invitation to sit with Jesus, so you can see yourself and everyone else as he does, and live this day in the purposefulness of his faith, hope, and love.

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