Revelation Reality

When I was first diagnosed with lymphoma, my mind was overwhelmed with anxiety. But when I was able to quiet my thoughts a little, in my heart I kept hearing: “Rob, let my love for you become greater than your fear of anything else.”

One of the most important things I learned during that time was that if God’s love for me isn’t my greatest reality, then my circumstances will be. They’ll dictate what I think, how I feel, and the way I relate to people. But focusing on his love for me and others puts every problem into perspective, and equips me to deal with them in his wisdom and grace.

Whether today is pretty normal or particularly difficult, it doesn’t get to control your thoughts and emotions. You get to navigate every dark valley with the light of his love, and the compass of his wisdom. That may seem hokey, but I don’t care. You’re the light of the world, so be one.

Take a few deep breaths. Ask Jesus for another revelation of his love. Even if it seems like the smallest thought, stay in it and let it grow. Let it overwhelm your fears, replacing them with his confident peace and strengthening joy. That’s your new foundation, the reality from which you get to deal with everything in front of you.

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