A Little More Grace

Time does not heal all wounds. Some traumas are life-changing. The grief is constant, deeper than anyone understands, and the memories do not go away. But neither does grace.

God’s grace isn’t a drug to make you forget parts of your life. And it’s not a shovel for burying your pain. Grace is the strength God gives you to become all he says you can be, no matter what has or hasn’t happened. Grace is Jesus sitting on the ground with you, surrounded by your pain, weaknesses, and fears and embracing you until his love gives you enough strength to stand and walk with him. 

Yes, you are different because of your experiences. But as grievous as they’ve been, losses, rejections, and betrayals don’t get to define your identity and constrain your life. Being mindful of God’s grace every day invites his healing, strength, and transforming love. I wish you had never have had to deal with this, and I don’t know why it happened. But I do know you have access to all the grace you need to live a beautiful life despite it.

“But Jesus said to me, ‘I promise you, my grace will always be more than enough for everything you face. No matter how weak and overwhelmed you feel, I will always give you the strength you need.’ Once I understood I wasn’t alone in my struggles, I was able to open my heart to let God empower my life” (2 Corinthians 12:9, paraphrase).

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