Love Never Fails

“Love never fails” (1 Corinthians 13:8).

When you’re young, it’s a verse full of romantic promise. When you’re—let’s just say more experienced—it can seem like little more than poetic hyperbole. But it’s neither. “Love never fails” doesn’t mean all our relationships and dreams work out the way we want. It means God has all the love we need to cope with every heartbreak and disappointment.

You are encompassed by an unceasing love full of healing and peace and kindness and affection and grace. I know you’re also surrounded by unrelenting pain and stress and indifference and bitterness and impatience, and it can be hard to sense the good stuff. But I know that in every moment of every day you can choose to let God’s unfailing love overwrite anything else.

Make room for love again. Risk unlocking a door to your heart, and give God access. And not just to the outer areas which look okay to people, but to the broken and burned inner areas. Show him your grief, frustration, and resentment. He won’t be offended if you’ve been angry with him, but he is going to ask you to let him love you in the middle of it all. Love doesn’t erase the past, but it enables you to live with it.

Please stay here until you can really sense his presence—until you can feel the comfort, healing, peace, hope, and joy of his love. Let him refresh your heart and renew your mind. And when you know the moment’s right, say it out loud—not as a desperate wish, but as a declaration over your life: “Love never fails.”

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